Factory Compliances Services


Compliance for a new factory or an existing factory involves not only calls for knowledge but requires enormous efforts on the administrative front with effective monitoring systems and voluminous repetitive clerical activities to be performed within stipulated timelines. All these efforts are essential to maintain a congenial IR climate apart from compliance and governance.

SSSIPL takes care of all aspects of statutory compliances related to an establishment from registration of an establishment/branch to handling inspections by government officials.

Scope of Work:

  • Factory plan approval
  • New Factory License / Renewal / Amendment / Transfer
  • Building Stability Certificate
  • Registration of Contractors under the CLRA Act
  • Pressure vessel Testing
  • Lifting Machineries / Lifting Tools & Tackles inspection by Competent authority
  • Statutory Registers Maintenance under the Factory Act and applicable allied Acts
  • On-site Emergency Plans and Record of Mock Drills
  • Statutory Returns submission as per the periodicity – Quarterly / Half Yearly / Annual
  • Safety Committee Meeting
  • Training to ERT Members on First Aid
  • Display of Statutory Abstracts / Notices
  • Fire License / Fire Fighting Systems
  • Training calendar & Records on Safety, Fire and First-aid
  • Accident Reporting & Investigation reports.
  • Accidents and Dangerous occurrences – Statistics & Analysis
  • Record of tests and examinations of equipment and structures as per statutes
  • Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for various plant operations
  • Record of work permit systems
  • Maintenance and testing records of fire detection and firefighting equipment’s
  • Records of industrial hygiene surveys (noise, ventilation, illumination levels, & Indoor air quality)
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Records of Waste Disposal
  • Records of STP & ETP treatment

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