Environmental, Health and Safety Audit

An Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) audit can be used to identify potential problems before they happen. Make your workplace safer – It is just good business sense to focus on workplace safety, but sometimes businesses get complacent. An EHS audit is one of the best ways to pinpoint dangerous situations and plan preventative actions.

Focus of an EHS Audit:

  • To identify what regulations, apply to the facility that is present in the firm to be audited.
  • To determine whether the workers are complying with the safety and health standards recommended and expected to comply with.
  • To make a detailed assessment of the facilities in place to ensure compliance.

Advantages of an EHS Audit:

Audits can serve as an ideal reference for obtaining important data any time in the future. The audit reports help determine any shortcomings and get businesses in compliance with standards to help avoid the same deficiencies in the future.

  • Identification of Defects: EHS Audit helps identify defects out of compliance with standards and how to rectify them.
  • Improve Working Environment: The working environment can be improved by ensuring the safety and proper working conditions for workers.
  • Educational: The workers, while complying with guidelines, get to learn a lot about caring for the environment.
  • Goodwill: Proper compliance with guidelines help the firm establish its reputation as an environment-caring firm.
  • Cut Costs: EHS Audit often identifies areas that are wasting resources and that need to be checked and supervised. If proper steps are taken to deal with this shortcoming, it may lead to an overall reduction in wastage of resources and hence a reduction in cost.
  • Increase Efficiency: The EHS Audit records various aspects of a business. The workers being under scrutiny for compliance automatically feel motivated and raise their compliance and work standards. It will also control the electricity bills by regulating the power usage and save on bills. The EHS audit helps identify areas of the organization that needs improvement in order to comply with necessary regulations. This shortcoming may often coincide with the overall shortcomings of working in the organization. Improving these aspects can improve overall efficiency.
  • Facilitates Green Marketing: The proper compliance with standards set for the business leads to a better public image. Hence, green marketing can be carried on by the business for attracting shareholders and potential clients.

In the present times of environmental degradation and overpopulation, the EHS Audit has become more important than ever.  An EHS Audit is an exam to determine how much has an organization has put in the effort to protect the environment that it operates in and to protect the workers that work for it. Our experienced team of health, safety and environmental auditors work around the world and across all sectors, helping you to improve your performance.

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